Guide to Awards

Nominations Guide

The Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants Awards are presented annually in terms of the last Annual Conference evening. This evaluation is an expression of recognition of those Association members who, by achieving their performances in their professional lives and by performing their social activities, set an example for others to follow.

The 2020 Annual Awards will be presented during the festive gala-evening  in Brno.

Who can be nominated?

  • Nominees in the respective categories may range solely from the AHR CR members and have been recommended by any other AHR CR member, non-member, proposed by a Professional Section of the AHR CR or even enrolled on the basis of the nominee´s own self-candidature.
  • Holders are obliged to take over the respective Annual Award in person during the gala-evening organised in terms of the AHR CR Annual Conference, the Award may be taken over by a representative authorised by the candidate in justified cases.

How can a candidate be nominated?

  • The personality of the nominee must to the maximum extent meet the criteria stipulated for the individual categories.
  • The proposer has to use an online application available at to propose a candidate for an Annual Award.
  • The proposals for candidates are collected within the period of 6th June – 31th August of the appropriate year. For the Boarding house of the year within the summer -  the nominations are acceptable till 10.9.2020
  • Only thoroughly completed applications will be accepted.


  • The candidate for an Annual Award will be informed about his/her nomination by the AHR CR Secretariat and will be asked to supplement his/her candidature within a maximum extent of 2,500 characters.
  • The supplementary nomination data will be required from the nominee immediately upon receiving the candidature, however latest 7 days past the lapse of the period designated for the nominations.
  • An overview of the nominated candidates will be also published at the dedicated AHR CR Annual Awards website.
  • When the deadline for nominations has lapsed, all qualifiers will be introduced to the AHR CR members who will then be given an opportunity to assign their preferential votes to the nominated personalities via an online application. The voting will be taking place within the period from 28th August through 7th September of the appropriate year.
  • The results of the vote taken by AHR CR members are merely of a referential nature.
  • The groundwork accompanying the nominations, which will have been supplemented with the information from the candidates themselves, as well as the results of the voting taken by the AHR CR members, will be submitted to the committee latest one day after the voting has finished.
  • The nominated candidates will be informed about the date of the committee meeting.
  • The committee takes decisions on the basis of the received groundwork, information and facts with respect to the assessment indicators criteria.
  • The assessment indicators may vary according to the individual categories (e.g.: the Young Manager of the Year category – an interview).

Who will assess and how?

  • The committee consists of 8 judges comprising a chairperson, a media representative, a prominent personality from inside the industry and experts in hospitality and gastronomy.
  • The chairperson at the head of the committee is approved by the AHR CR Council for 3 years, he/she proposes the constitution of the committee with a minimally 50% annual rotation of its members.
  • The committee evaluates the candidate´s profile on the basis of the recommendations stated in the application, the experience and knowledge of the committee members, the information supplemented by the candidate and the results of the electronic voting (serves as a reference indicator). The form of evaluation will be communicated by the chairperson of the committee and may vary for the individual categories.
  • Members of the committee are independent and they have no relation whatsoever to the nominated candidates.
  • The committee evaluates the profiles of the nominated candidates regardless of the number of candidatures received for the individual categories.
  • The committee reserves the right not to confer the Annual Award in a given category.
  • The committee submits its proposal for a chosen candidate to the AHR CR Council for approval.

Additional information:

  • The School of the Year Award - candidates may be nominated from within the pool of apprenticeship centres, secondary schools, vocational colleges or universities that are regular members of the AHR CR. Candidates can also be proposed by the appropriate AHR CR Regional Section, by the founders of the schools, partners of the schools, graduates from the schools, etc. The schools can be also self-nominated by themselves.
  • Boarding-house of the Year 2020 - Our partner became the largest Czech accommodation portal HOTEL.CZ with reservation system PREVIO. The survey will be built on a combination of reviews from guests staying and evaluation expert committee. Guest reviews will be collected online during the summer months and in a way that every guest will receive an email day after the departure with information about writing the review. All accommodation facilities, involved in the competition, will receive promotional materials to  electronic versions. Based on survey ratings will be form the top 10 boparding-houses which will be published on portals CENYAHR.CZ, PREVIO.CZ a profile on From the TOP 10 will be selected the winner of Boarding-house of the Year 2019 by the expert committee. For more information click here:

Categories of the Annual Awards

The AHR CR Annual Awards are conferred in the following categories:

  • Hotelier of the Year- hotels to 80 rooms
  • Hotelier of the Year - hotel chains and hotes over 80 rooms
  • Restaurateur of the Year for independent restaurants
  • Restaurateur of the Year for hotel restaurants
  • Boarding-house of the Year
  • School of the Year
  • Young Manager of the Year
  • Responsible Hotel / Restaurant

The AHR CR also uses this festive occasion to bestow another, special evaluation, which is represented by the JUDr. Vladimír Štětina Award granted to such personalities who by their activities performed inside the industry have contributed to its quality and development, to the development of the young generation, etc., no matter if holding a position of a manager, pedagogue or any other post.

However, the AHR CR also annually bestows a so-called Special Award to such personalities who, though performing outside the industry, have by their activities contributed to promoting the industry or have been supportive of the industry in any other form (e.g.: Jiří Menzel, Film Director; Martin Huba, Actor; Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic; Pavel Hlinka, General Manager of Orea a.s., Rostislav Vondruška, General Manager of the CzechTourism agency, Ivana Němcová, Chair of the AHR CR Foundation´s executive board).

A new tradition has been established in recognising the Best Student Thesis in the tourism area.

Assessment Criteria

The nominations are assessed on the basis of facts and information received. The personality receiving an Award of the Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants in any given category should display of the general traits and skills as stipulated below. Specific assessment criteria are subsequently applied within the individual categories.


Personal attributes:

  • Displays of fair-minded approach, leadership and managerial skills
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Personality that is open to innovations and creativity
  • Personality that has gained respect from the colleagues inside the industry
  • Personality that with its professional demeanour, leadership skills and personal traits can set an example for the young generation to follow as concerns their responsibility, attitude and respect to the industry

Management skills

  • Manages a properly maintained hotel/restaurant whose standard ensures exceptionally high-quality levels of services
  • Has individually or as part of a team introduced a programme, project or activity that has resulted in a successful concept for the hotel or its partners
  • The facility has in the long run been enjoying positive references from the guests
  • Has been introducing innovative services and approaches to increase the satisfaction of guests

Staff working conditions

  • Facilitates career development of employees holding various positions
  • Employees get opportunities to attend educational courses and develop their knowledge
  • Friendly atmosphere and a team spirit
  • Collects and evaluates feedback obtained from the employees
  • Pays attention to the upbringing of the young generation

Attitude to the industry

  • Efforts towards developing the industry and improving the quality of standards of the services rendered
  • Engaging in synergistic activities with the municipal authorities in order to support the development of tourism within the region and the municipality
  • Supporting the activities of the local tourism organizations and facilitating their events
  • Active approach to the activities pursued by the AHR CR

Social responsibility

  • Responsible attitude to entrepreneurship with respect to ecology and orientation of the employees and hotel guests towards environmental protection
  • Supports the employees towards engaging in charitable or locally beneficial events
  • Exemplary relationships with the community and the region, other socially beneficial activities


Hotelier of the Year

  • Performance indicators RevPar, ADR and occupancy rates with respect to the actual situation in the market of the given region
  • Consideration will be given to guest reviews or to the conferment of any professional or travel awards
  • Consideration will be given to whether the hotel has been certified according to the Official Standard Classification of Accommodation Facilities in the Czech Republic for the years 2015 - 2020 or if the hotel is a holder of any alternative certifications

Restaurateur of the Year

The Restaurateur of the Year category – all nominated facilities will be visited by the committee members according to a schedule agreed on with the owner/operator of the facility.

The Restaurateur of the Year in the hotel restaurants category can originate solely from candidates actively managing the operations and business of the given restaurant, who are also responsible for this particular segment of operations (i.e. Head Chef, F&B Manager, in smaller hotels also the Hotel Manager if he/she is managing the restaurant directly).

  • Attending staff / overall impression, professional style, active selling, conversational skills
  • Evaluation of the dishes / freshness of the ingredients, seasonal character and extent of the offer, variety of the offer
  • Interior parts and overall impression of the restaurant
  • Consideration will be given to guest reviews or to the conferment of any professional or travel awards

Young Manager of the Year

The Young Manager of the Year category – all nominees will be invited to individual interviews to describe their working activities, plans and objectives. They will be informed about the date of their interview in advance.

No candidate for the Young Manager of the Year Award may be over 30 years of age at the time of nomination.

Along with the application, the nominee shall submit also references from the owner or the General Manager containing the following data:

  • Expert review from the nominee´s area of responsibility (i.e. F&B, Finance, Marketing, etc.)
  • Evaluation of the qualifications of the candidate in terms of the already achieved and continuing education and the ability to develop further
  • Ability to lead a team, quality, exceptionality
  • Communication skills in dealing with the guests and with the staff
  • Foreign language skills
  • Interest displayed in the industry, engagement in activities relating to the industry
  • Awareness of the existence and operations of the AHR CR, any potential activities within professional committees and other vocational activities
  • Attendance and rankings at vocational competitions

Boarding-house of the Year

The Boarding-house of the Year category – all nominated facilities are visited by the committee members according to a schedule agreed on with the owner/operator of the facility.

  • Consideration will be given to whether the boarding-house has been certified according to the Official Standard Classification of Accommodation Facilities in the Czech Republic for the years 2015 - 2020 or is a holder of any alternative certifications
  • Range of ancillary services
  • Consideration will be given to guest reviews or to the conferment of any professional or travel awards
  • It combines reviews from guests and expert assessment - a review collected during the summer months.
  • From the TOP 10 will be selected the winner of Boarding-house of the Year 2019 by the expert committee.

School of the Year

The main essence and objective of the SCHOOL OF THE YEAR award rests in appreciating the professionalism displayed along the educational process, the compliance with and implementation of the latest trends, the vocational engagement of the pedagogues and students or apprentices, the matching of theory to practice and the use of various marketing tools to create publicity for both the school itself and the industry as such.

The SCHOOL OF THE YEAR award has been advocating these approaches on a long-term basis; it has been continuously evaluating them and operatively reacting to the changes taking place inside the industry. By adopting a responsible approach, it positively stimulates the reputation of the industry and the quality of vocational education.

Key criteria to assess the attitude:

  • Professionalism in education
  • Following and incorporating the latest trends
  • Vocational engagement displayed by the pedagogues
  • Vocational engagement displayed by the students
  • Maximum efforts towards matching theory to practice

Responsible hotel/restaurant

Responsible business is based on sharing values between a company and its surroundings. It is about making business in a way that goes beyond the framework of legislative, commercial and social expectations. The responsibility of hotels and restaurants comprises such topics as ethics in selecting the suppliers, energy and water consumption, waste management, building, facility management, cleaning and maintenance, cleanliness, staff and consumer engagement, products and services portfolios, support to the community and public areas, attitudes displayed by staff and clients towards people with a handicap, etc.